Still Human Still Here

Still Human Still Here is a coalition of over 60 organisations that are campaigning to end the destitution of thousands of refused asylum seekers in the UK. The coalition believes that the current policy is inhumane and ineffective and is urging the Government to:

  • Provide asylum seekers who would otherwise be destitute with sufficient support so that they can meet their essential living needs until they are returned to their country of origin or are given permission to stay in the UK;
  • Provide free access to healthcare for all asylum seekers while they are in the UK;
  • Grant asylum seekers permission to work if their case has not been resolved within six months or they have been refused, but temporarily cannot be returned through no fault of their own ;
  • Improve decision making and ensure that all those in need of protection receive it.

Get involved

You can get involved in ending the destitution of refused asylum seekers and support our current campaigns by checking out our Take Action section.

Find out more about the issues

Read the latest briefings and reports from the asylum sector on the destitution of asylum seekers in our Resources section.


Email us if you have any questions or if your organisation would like to support the Still Human Still Here campaign.